Frontview is a perspective that creates a face-to-face confrontation. As an art institution that wants to provoke a direct encounter with art and ideas, we house ourselves within the Dymaxion map’s “dynamic, cosmic, and comprehensive viewpoint.” Developed by Buckminster Fuller, this map is the only representation of the earth that has minimum distortion, showing the continents as one unified island in one ocean. Also, it does not have a correct positioning. There is no “up” and “down” or any cardinal points. However, Fuller did distinguish “in” and “out,” while “in” refers to areas inside gravitational centers and “out” to areas outside those centers.

In today’s world, the situation is no longer of the east looking at the west, or the south looking at the north, while wanting to “catch up.” Instead, the contrary is happening, where the west is paying close attention to what is happening in those “other” regions. Gravity centers are thus proliferating in the “global south,” creating an enormous shift in the way we perceive the world.