FRONTVIEW is a perspective that creates face-to-face confrontation. We house ourselves within the Dymaxion maps “dynamic, cosmic, and comprehensive viewpoint,” as an art institution whose motivation is to provoke a direct encounter with art and ideas. Developed by Buckminster Fuller, the Dymaxion map is the only representation of the earth that has minimum distortion, showing the continents as one unified island in one ocean. Also, it does not have a correct positioning. There is no up and down or any cardinal points. However, Fuller did distinguish in and out while in refers to areas inside gravitational centers and out to areas outside those centers.

In today’s world, the situation is no longer of the East looking at the West, or the South looking to the North while wanting to catch up. Rather, the contrary is happening, where the West is paying close attention to what goes on in those other regions. Gravity centers are thus proliferating in the Global South, creating an enormous shift in the way we perceive the world.

FRONTVIEW is a new form of art institution that responds to present artistic concerns and practices. We integrate all mediums associated with the arts in a space that gives them the liberty to speak freely. We believe in working collectively. We think of ourselves as a house that can host artists, thinkers, architects, activists and more to engage in collaborative projects where the ideas are greater than the individuals themselves.

We focus on art that cannot be traditionally classified. Art has surpassed its ability to exist commercially. It has transcended the object and lives in a realm that makes it difficult to, archive, and exist. It has the ability to play with all our senses to investigate our existence. With its ability to be incorporeal, it manifests itself in a state that demands the presence of our mind and body.

We believe that all kinds of art deserve to be treated respectfully. We will work closely with artists to make sure their vision for a project is executed to the best of its ability. We fully believe and trust the artists we collaborate with. We do not act as a filter, but as a platform that allows for active communication of ideas and thoughts. We accept challenges. We recognize failure. We work outside the commodification of artworks.

We are dedicated to helping emerging and established artists produce innovative work. Like the art we present, we are nomadic and have no claim to physical space. Together, we disrupt art.

Based on a new approach and by blending activism, public programming, collaboration, and commissioning we ornament new opportunities.



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